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Kevin Ramirez

Hesperia, CA, United States

Artist Statement

With my identity of being a latino brown man, there is already a categorization that we are born into: the roles of family and capitalism rule we are placed under. With my dad as my guide to being a man, I learned a lot about my role and the forces I grew up around. That we are nothing good for, other than being exploited and exhausting our bodies. That we are nothing but an empty husk longing of emotional freedom, rest, reconnection with oneself and family. However, I feel that love and connection with my father even as an adult, but it is so limited that it might as well not exist. I’m afraid that I would never have that physical and emotional connection ever again until possibly our death. To have that feeling of reassurance, when I feel lost and comfort with my existence.

© Kevin Ramirez

Kevin Ramirez's Portfolio

© Kevin Ramirez

Artist Biography

I am Kevin Ramirez, a first-generation graduate, born in California, raised in Pomona, now living in Hesperia. My relationship with photography is through my experiences of being Mexican and reconnecting with my Salvadoran heritage. I document the expression of love and care I have within the Latino community. Where not only I document my feelings of nostalgia of the places I went and the faces I recognize. To record my identity as a brown man in the now, the past, and the future.



© Kevin Ramirez

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