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Kacy Jung


Artist Statement

She is deafened by the coaxing lies
The shining hands also try to blind her eyes
Her brain is pierced to make her comply
All the curses make her lose her soul and mind
Splitting in half, violently they rive
Removing her existence, they rip her while she is alive
Gouging her in the eyes, she couldn’t defy
Cutting her mouth off, she couldn’t even sigh
I hear her scream when I walk by
I catch her in the air when she falls from the sky
I lift her up to let her tears dry
I wring her tears out while she asks why
I let her rest in my palm so then she can go back to the fight
It is life
To all the pain and hurt, we shall say goodbye
In the end, everything will be ok and we will all be all right
This body of work is Jung’s response to the societal pressure she’s received as a woman, an Asian immigrant, and a former scientist. Each of the works, which the artist refers to as photo sculptures, is composed of mixed media and addresses the different stages in the process of empowering, healing, and setting herself free, along with redefining her identity for herself rather than by “external expectations” and “social norms”.

© Kacy Jung

Kacy Jung's Portfolio

© Kacy Jung

Artist Biography

Kacy Jung, who immigrated to the US from Taiwan, was halfway through a PhD in biomedical science when she decided to walk out of the laboratory to pursue her lifetime dream of being an artist.

Since then, through photography, photo sculpture, and field study, she continuously investigates the ways in which culture is shaped by capitalism and explores the idea of existentialism within the late capitalist era. The subject often intertwines with the manipulative nature of the capitalist system, the anxiety of being part of the disappearing middle class, and her immigrant experience in the USA.

Kacy's works have been shown and awarded internationally. She is acceptant of the Harlan Jackson Diversity Scholarship from the San Francisco Art Institute, Ox-Bow School of Art Long Form Residency, and Headlands Center for the Arts Affiliate Artist Program. Her works have been featured in Forbes and Inquire magazines, shown at the Berkeley Art Museum, De Young Museum in California, Hastings College in Nebraska, and multiple galleries and private collections in the USA and Taiwan. She currently works and lives in SF, USA.



© Kacy Jung

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