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Julia Taszycka

Brooklyn, New York

Artist Statement

When creating works, I use worn out, damaged and useless objects, broken furniture, remnants of car accidents, elements of building installations, discarded household appliances, etc., observing the consecutive stages of the gradually disintegrating post-industrial realities of late capitalism. I'm interested in the issue of the "troublesome legacy" of capitalist material culture, working on discarded and recycled elements that can be found on the streets of New York. I see crossing the boundaries of aesthetic dogma by using useless objects, devoid of their original functions, in my works as a form of critical commentary on current socio-political relations. My artworks take on a spatial character as well as objects situated in the genre of readymade art.

I assume that the production of artistic objects from purchased materials or created from scratch in order to achieve a purely aesthetic effect can no longer be justified because of the changes taking place around us, both economic and climatic. We live in a world of commodities, and artistic works, because of their aesthetic and material participation in the market, are also commodified forms. Through the use of found objects, I want to primarily highlight the existence of these fetishizing mechanisms, taking the opportunity to creatively comment on the current state of affairs in the reality of late capitalism.

The idea of unlimited growth that powers capitalism, forces a continuity between production and consumption on a scale never seen before in history. Former workers have become consumers sustaining this system at the end of a long automated production and delivery chain. As an artist, I notice these processes as well as the remnants, the material artifacts of goods abandoned in a hurry. By treating such items as art objects, I indicate a certain continuity in the process of redistribution of material goods. Such goods include works of art, without which today's highly nuanced art market would not exist, in which the historical evaluation of a work of art is often replaced by speculative elements related to the flow of capital.

© Julia Taszycka

Julia Taszycka's Portfolio

© Julia Taszycka

Artist Biography

Conceptual artist, author of objects, art installations, and videos. Julia received her Bachelor’s and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Intermedia from Poznan Art University, both nominated for The Competition for Best Media Arts Graduation Projects in Poland. As a Fulbright scholar (2020–2022) she earned her MFA degree in Studio Arts at Hunter College, NYC. In 2022 Taszycka took part in an art residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council at Governors Island, NY.
Born in 1992, Poznan, PL
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
2022 – MFA Hunter College, Studio Art, New York, NY
2017 – MFA Poznań Art University, Intermedia Art, Poznań, PL
2014 – BFA Poznań Art University, Intermedia Art, Poznań, PL
2013 – BFA Falmouth University College, Digital Media, Falmouth, UK (Erasmus exchange)
2023 – FICCIONES with Joe Bartram, M23, New York, NY
2023 – Objects and Notes, 35A Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2020 – Linear Scores, Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw, PL
2019 – Hinges, Artel, Poznań, PL
2018 – Rolling Eyes, Próżnia Gallery, Szczecin, PL
2017 – Court, Skala Gallery, Poznań, PL
2016 – Ups with Tala Mikulska, Galeria Oko Ucho, Poznań, PL
2016 – Taszycka w Sklepie, Św. Marcin 49/ UAP, Poznań, PL
2022 – L88, 35A Gallery, Warsaw, PL
2022 – Time of W, P. Bibeau, New York, NY
2022 – Fire Exit, 205 Hudson Gallery, New York, NY
2021 – Beauty at the Swamp’s Center, 205 Hudson Gallery, New York, NY
2020 – Trust Fall, Hunter MFA online exhibition, New York, NY
2020 – Tymczas, Arsenał Municipal Gallery, Poznań, PL
2020 – Promocja, Galeria Promocyjna, Warsaw, PL
2019 – Sierpienie, Lokal 30, Warsaw, PL
2019 – Sandra revival, Łęctwo Gallery, Poznań, PL
2018 – Aesthetic & Bias, Arsenał Municipal Gallery, Poznań, PL
2017 – Net Art, Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Kraków, PL
2017 – Net Art, ICE Congress Center, Kraków, PL
2017 – Półkolonie, BWA Zielona Góra, PL
2017 – Terra Incognita, Musrara Mix Festival:, Jerusalem, IL
2017 – Public Relations, Lab Curators’ Gallery, Poznań, PL
2015 – Biennale Sztuki WRO, National Museum in Wrocław, Wrocław, PL
2014 – Młode Wilki, Szczecin Art Academy, Szczecin, PL
2014 – Rysopis, WRO Art Center, Wrocław, PL
2013 – Poznań Gallery Weekend, Galeria Bistro, Poznań, PL
2012 – NORTHEASTSOUTHWEST, Katedra Intermediów UAP, Poznań, PL
2022/2023 – White Columns Curated Artist Registry, NY
2022 – LMCC Artist in Residence, Governors Island, NY
2020/2022 – Fulbright Graduate Award, PL
2012/2013 – Erasmus Scholarship, Falmouth University College, UK
2023 – The Best Photos of the Day, Art Daily, 5 May, 2023
2023 – MUST SEE Joe Bartram, Julia Taszycka FICCIONES, Artforum, 2 May, 2023
2023 – M23 opens an exhibition of recent work by Joe Bartram, Julia Taszycka, Art Daily, 3 April, 2023
2023 – Julia Taszycka – Obiekty i uwagi, Art Info, 13 January, 2023
2022 – TIME OF W James Bradley, Brittany Ham, Alli Melanson, Dionne Lee, Julia Taszycka At Petra Bibeau, New York, US, OFLUXO, August 2020
2020 – „Tymczas” w Galerii Miejskiej Arsenał w Poznaniu, Magazyn Szum, 1 September, 2020
2020 – „Promocja” w Galerii Promocyjnej, Magazyn Szum, 18 August, 2020
2019 – „Sierpienie” Galerii Sandra w galerii lokal_30, Magazyn Szum, 11 September, 2019
2018 –„Estetyka i uprzedzenia” w Galerii Miejskiej Arsenał w Poznaniu, Magazyn Szum, 24 April, 2018
2017 – Greenberg, Jennifer, The international multidisciplinary ‘Musrara Mix Festival’ sets out to discover unexplored territories, Time Out, May 15, 2017
2017 –„Public Relations” w Miejskich Galeriach UAP, Magazyn Szum, 20 April, 2017
2014 – Saraczyńska, Agata, Równolatkowie transformacji. Wystawa “Rysopis” w Renomie i WRO, Gazeta Wyborcza, Wrocław, 17 October, 2014
2014 – Wystawa Artystów Urodzonych w Polsce około 1989 roku, RenomaWRO, 17 October, 2014
2014 – Domagała, Dagmara, Rysopis. Czyli rys o pokoleniach, Czas Kultury, 14 November, 2014



© Julia Taszycka

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