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Jessica Vollrath

Dallas, TX USA

Artist Statement

My work is focused on exploring and deconstructing ingrained narratives at the intersections of religion, race and gender.

© Jessica Vollrath

Jessica Vollrath's Portfolio

© Jessica Vollrath

Artist Biography

Born in 1984 to an African American father and Mexican mother, Vollrath had a unique beginning with 11 siblings, a Mennonite background and a homeschool education. She discovered her love of painting around the age of 8 and spent her free time exploring with the various art supplies her mother found at garage sales.

At the age of 15, Vollrath met the late Dr. Marilyn Daniels at an art opening. Upon seeing Vollrath’s portfolio, Dr. Daniels was amazed by the untrained, natural skill that was present in the work. She immediately offered art tutelage to the quiet 15 year old. Credited to Dr. Daniels’ prodding and encouragement, Vollrath went on to receive her BFA from Howard University in 2011 and MFA from Texas Woman’s University in 2017.

Vollrath works primarily in oil paint and is currently focused on the sacred narratives. She is figuratively trained and began her early career as a portrait painter for hire. With her love of light, color and the figure, Vollrath tells spiritual narratives of humankind's eternal search for its' connection to immortality. Since Vollrath was raised outside of conventional ideations around gender, race, body and identity, her work explores deeper existential questions regarding who we are in connection to the whole.



© Jessica Vollrath

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