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Jamey Hart

Beverly, Massachusetts

Artist Statement

Legibility is the degree of ease that experiences, signs, and symbols convey meaning based on their appearance. The capacity for something to communicate hinges on its visibility, though a visible object is not necessarily a legible one. In both looking and making, I am searching for a form that can disclose this ambiguous space.

I give extended attention to materials and situations that are veiled by their commonness and strange particularity. I am guided by a quasi-magical / quasi-analytical belief that these fragments are keystones to broader structures I don't know how to understand. Plastic bags against the curb are like this for me, or wet socks in the road, or when the wind blows and one leaf on a branch flickers faster than the others. I try to describe these things to myself. I draw faulty diagrams and write passages about the experience. Stemming from these disparate notes, I try to make an object, like a compression or a faulty echo. For me, the objects begin in words. Making the object is a means of witnessing the translation of an experience from language into something wordless.

© Jamey Hart

Jamey Hart's Portfolio

© Jamey Hart

Artist Biography

Jamey Hart (b.1992, Erie, PA) is an artist currently living and working outside of Boston, MA. His practice focuses on casting everyday experiences into the shadow of discrete objects. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014 and his Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Houston in 2021. His work has been included in publications such as New American Paintings, Reciprocal Magazine, ArtMaze Magazine, and Lula Japan. Selected solo exhibitions include “Mere” at Gray Contemporary in Houston, TX, “And” at Automat Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and “Slow Pace Time” at Front Gallery in Houston, TX. His practice has earned institutional support and recognition from Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Houston Arts Alliance, Vermont Studio Center, and Massachusetts Cultural Council.



© Jamey Hart

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