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Ilê Sartuzi

São Paulo (Brazil) and London (UK)

Artist Statement

His research involves sculptural objects, mapped video projections, mechatronic installations and theatrical plays toying with the idea of animating objects. Speculating about a possible post-anthropocenic scenario, the work brings together technological apparatus – from simple motors and electronical circuits to machine learning and AI – and a theatrical atmosphere to create mechanisms that follow different internal logics. The instability and flaws in these fragile machines add some kind of personality to their performances.

With the recurrent absence of a main character or a narrative element, from this empty centre, attention gets dispersed into infrastructural elements of the works. The interest in the dramatic arts in recent years has given a theatricality to his objects and installations which are animated by mechanical movements and interpret dramaturgy and choreographies; often in an exercise of repetition that leads to no catharsis but, instead, begin to reveal the functioning of the machines themselves.

some common procedures: opening, rotating, dragging, blinking, vibrating with an slightly uncomfortable hiss of the motors. repeating, replacing, closing, pulling, scaling, talking and laughing, once again, pinning, draping and cutting, composing. still, moving, spinning, groping, falling, animating, programming and acting. multiplying, rearranging, opening, rotating and blinking. no show. frequent characters: the curtain, the ghost, the hand (and fingers), lamp bulbs, light, mannequins and other anthropomorphic objects.

© Ilê Sartuzi

Ilê Sartuzi's Portfolio

© Ilê Sartuzi

Artist Biography

Ilê Sartuzi (1995, lives and works between London and São Paulo) is an artist graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP) and now pursues his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London. He received the PIPA Award (Brazil, 2021), the prize at the Bienal de Artes Mediales (Chile, 2022), and has been nominated twice for the CIFO-Ars Electronica award (USA-Austria, 2022-2023).

Some of his recent solo exhibitions and projects include “Vaudeville” at Pedro Cera (Lisbon, 2023); “hollow head doll’s foam” at SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, 2022) and “A. And A again.” at auroras (São Paulo, 2021). He has participated in exhibitions at some of the most important institutions in Brazil, such as Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (2021, 2023); Videobrasil (2021); Museu Oscar Niemeyer (2022); Bienal SUR (2021); Instituto Moreira Salles (2020); SESC (Pompéia, 2022; Pinheiros, 2022; Ribeirão Preto, 2019; Distrito Federal, 2018); CCSP – Centro Cultural São Paulo (2018); MAC-USP Museu de Arte Contemporânea (2017); Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto (2020; 2017; 2015); Galeria Vermelho (2017; 2018, 2019); all three in collaboration with the research group After the End of Art, which he has been part of from 2015 to 2021. He presented theatrical plays in spaces such as Oficina Oswald de Andrade (2018, 2020); Itaú Cultural (2019); Container Theater (2019) and at TUSP (2019). Working for more than a year on a specific project, he presented his play with absent actors “hollow head doll’s foam” at Firma (São Paulo, 2019) and later premiered the play at SESC Pompéia (São Paulo, 2022). His work is in public and private collections including that of Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Instituto PIPA and Videobrasil.



© Ilê Sartuzi

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