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Ellen Siebers

Hudson, NY

Artist Statement

Bertrand Russell once explained that “the raw material out of which the world is built up is not of two sorts, one matter, and the other mind; it is simply arranged in different patterns by its interrelations: some arrangements may be called mental, while others may be called physical.” Though humans experience the world through physically being and doing and mentally thinking and imagining, these seemingly separate experiences are born from one intricate web of interactions.

I work to elaborate upon both everyday and historic scenes from my own position, reimagining archetypes within both imagined and observed spaces. These works are orbited by images retrieved from my environment—the sky, bodies of water, grasses, flowers, and trees. There is an exchange between the physical and the psychological, present and past, original and reproduction. They are frameworks for my studies of life and art, two things felt in equal measure.

© Ellen Siebers

Ellen Siebers's Portfolio

© Ellen Siebers

Artist Biography

Ellen Siebers (b. 1986, Madison, WI) is a painter based in Hudson, NY. She received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 and her MFA from the University of Iowa in 2012. Siebers was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant (2023), Vermont Studio Center Grant (2014), the University of Iowa Quarter-time Teaching Assistantship (2009-12), the Iowa Quarter-time Fellowship (2009), and the Mildred Pelzer Lynch Fellowship (2011-12). Her recent solo and group exhibitions include: A Particular Kind of Heaven, curated by Ali Dipp at parrasch heijnen (Los Angeles, CA); Harper’s Gallery (East Hampton, NY); Frosch & Portmann (New York, NY); MARCH, New York, NY; Sardine (Brooklyn, NY); Proto Gallery (Hoboken, NJ); Big Medium (Austin, TX); The Provincial (MI); Deanna Evans Projects (Brooklyn, NY); FJORD Gallery (Philadelphia, PA); Collective 131 (Brooklyn, NY); Pt. II Gallery (Oakland, CA); and Peep Projects (Philadelphia, PA). parrasch heijnen held the gallery’s first solo exhibition, entitled dream song, in 2023. Ellen Siebers is represented by parrasch heijnen.



© Ellen Siebers

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