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David Bipolo


Artist Statement

Des souvenirs are works that I’m still trying to apprehend. I explored the subject of memory and a connection with someone, someplace. Those souvenirs that come with the departure of a country or an area we used to call home are a phenomenon that I found puzzled. The vagueness, the loss plus, the fabrication of memories begin a questioning on surety and validity. I am left with the emotion that those recollections made me felt. Because the places, faces and names become a subject of interrogation.

I created those masked figures and placed them in a situation that was convergent with the photograph. I used as the starting point the pictures of myself and my family. Hiding those identities is a choice that was made intentionally. Des souvenirs aren’t about the point of view of oneself, but the retracing of something familiar.

© David Bipolo

David Bipolo's Portfolio

© David Bipolo

Artist Biography

Born in Libreville, Gabon, David Bipolo (full name: David Osé Bipolo Demba) moved at the age of five from his birthplace to Quebec City, Canada. Currently residing in Greater Montreal for his BFA in Studio Art at Concordia University, David Bipolo is exploring different mediums and techniques to open multiple dialogues with the process, the lectors and his self.

The experience of immigration, the closeness with family and values are points of research that resurge in David Bipolo’s work.


© David Bipolo

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