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Daieny Chin

Los Angeles, CA

Artist Statement

My works traverse various aspects of the Korean diaspora and delve into themes such as Korean culture, shamanism, mythology, intergenerational trauma, and the representation of matriarchs within my family. My paintings explores the power dynamics, resilience, and the emotional terrain of their experiences.

Through the use of shamanism and Korean mythology, I link the connections between myth, spirituality, and reality. This allows me to create fantastical narratives that reflect both personal and collective experiences of the Korean diaspora, while illuminating the complexities of identity and heritage.

© Daieny Chin

Daieny Chin's Portfolio

© Daieny Chin

Artist Biography

Daieny So Won Chin is a Korean-American artist who was born in 1994 in São Paulo, Brazil. They graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 2018 with a BFA in painting. Daieny currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and continues to create introspective works that bridge the gaps of identity, culture, personal narratives, and human connection within the Korean diaspora.

Their works have been shown at Half Gallery (NYC, New York), One Trick Pony (Los Angeles, CA), UTA (Los Angeles, CA), Eve Leibe Gallery (London, UK), Sow & Tailor (Los Angeles, CA), Ever Gold (San Francisco, CA), New Image (Los Angeles, CA), and Kathy's Huang "Wonder Woman" at Jeffrey Deitch (Los Angeles, CA).



© Daieny Chin

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