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Cho Hui Chin

London, United Kingdom

Artist Statement

The intersections, enigmas, and inevitable conflicts of multiculturalism are central to my practice. My personal aesthetics challenges conventional art-and-spectator relationships, focusing on the fleeting gestures and social subtleties of lived experience or brief movement rather than on labelled material objects.

My Taiwanese background and ancestral lineages to Japan, China, and the Netherlands, provide a starting point for the imaginary space of my work. I’m interested in the balance between the sense of aesthetics and the sense of pleasures and metaphors of the iconography of infants to question the social subtleties of lived experience. Human desire, fetish, ambivalence, sadism and obsession find their way into my work. I approach each piece multidisciplinary through performances, painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, text, and collages.

Through an experimental approach, I observe and gather layers of symbolism and meanings through diverse metaphoric arrangements and interpretations. Each composition explores the philosophical and metaphysical in-between of the human relationship to body, time, space, life and death. I seek to establish an inner equilibrium between rational analysis and sentimental interpretations. I assume that all figures, colours, and materials can be analysed, deconstructed, and criticised, in all their manifestations, finally crystallising to reveal hidden metaphors and perspectives.

© Cho Hui Chin

Cho Hui Chin's Portfolio

© Cho Hui Chin

Artist Biography

CHO HUI CHIN (In this Mandarin name, the family name is Cho) is a contemporary artist of Taiwanese and Dutch descent based in London. Cho is mainly a painter, writer, sculptor, performer, and documentarian who describes her work as “fleeting observations”. Her work also encompasses performance art and contemporary text works.

Cho, Hui-Chin is best known for her figurative paintings and sculptures as the grotesque iconography of infants depicted in a metaphorical and idiosyncratic visual language. Cho (born in 1994, lives and works in London) finished her Bachelor's at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London with first-class honours and the dean's list, and Royal College of Art. She has developed her artistic practice from a multi-fertilisation of disciplines across paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, videos and text work to allude ideas, systems and experiences as the bodies of artworks through the juxtaposition of questioning the stability of the materiality and our place within it.

Through the art practice of these different fields, Cho’s approach is research-based and interdisciplinary, involving the relationship between materials and the dilemma of using materials. The connection between the act of writing is the research and activity shaping the argument. Cho also explores how metaphors are overlaid and integrated into our ordinary perception of items and literature, simultaneously depicting the manifestation of responding to the metaphors hidden in the materials. With the multicultural circumstance, an amalgam of materials and languages of diverse fields prompt metaphysical dialogues regarding the distortion of figurative motifs and the leitmotifs about the rhetoric of political and ethical discourse alongside the iconography of babies whilst the motif sustains her works.

Her works are concerned with a miscellany of incongruous figures, motifs and fragments, forming a grotesque narrative but still compelling and questioning the argument with the concerns of metaphysical perspectives, politics, ethics, humanity and community. Cho’s inquisitive artistic practices are embodied in her introspection and reflection on humanity, desire, fetish, ambivalence, sadism and obsession. Cho Hui-Chin’s works have been exhibited and collected widely in London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Hong Kong,, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.



© Cho Hui Chin

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