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Catherine E. Czacki

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Artist Statement

Chaos gardening
A fresh article about a spider playing its web like a harp in mind
Circling with words
cut the fabric, dip it in glue,
more fabric, more glue
tear the paper, more glue
more paper, more words
over, over, and over, and over
Industrial bureaucratic conditions within the poem
Recalcitrant ghosts
Little dense clay ring for Chandler
A slab pieced, coiled demon for Asa
Fluff skinned squeak toy heart for Stan
Scrap combo beaded and buttoned dangle braids for many
Resin coin ash ball for me
The drawing of a myth is instructive. Cooking eggs with dilled spaghetti squash latkes and pickled purslane in a weird t-shirt, describing an enchantment within the observation of materiality as an ideology of being in the world.

© Catherine E. Czacki

Catherine E. Czacki's Portfolio

© Catherine E. Czacki

Artist Biography

Catherine Czacki is an artist, writer and musician of Polish/Tatar and American descent. Czacki works across genres and mediums, from more conceptual approaches such as theoretical writing to poetry, ceramics, metal work, painting, sound, music, eco resin, paper mache and found objects. Czacki’s poetry, essays, and academic writing have been published by Line Script Diary, Haunt Journal of Art at UC Irvine, Resolving Host and Interactions Journal of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. A full length book of Czacki’s poetry and images titled Creosote was published in 2019. Czacki’s art has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries and museums including Sculpture Center in Long Island City, JOAN in Los Angeles, Best Practice in San Diego, Prague Biennale and Museo Centro De Arte Pepe Espaliú, Córdoba, Spain. Czacki has attended various research and artistic residencies including Terra Foundation for American Art in Giverny, France and SOMA in Mexico City. Czacki plays with the Llano Estacado Monad Band, improvising with a variety of instruments, sculptures as instruments, traditional instruments learned and relearned. Czacki’s scholarly work intersects de/anti/post colonial studies with thinking through terminologies imposed on artists that can limit the understanding of artistic and social roles in communities, such as the term outsider. Additional fields of study are gardening, DIY repairing and building, herbalism, human, animal, plant, material relationships, organic communities, everyday histories or folklores and the diasporic and wide traveling evil eye which intersects with Czacki’s own familial past.



© Catherine E. Czacki

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