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Brea Weinreb

Los Angeles, CA

Artist Statement

As a queer woman painting gay men, my gaze is neither a direct reversal of the male gaze nor a complete denial of it. The sexualization and voyeurism is still there however it is done consciously, with the consent of my subjects, and marked with the intimacy, understanding, and humor that is unique to the queer-on-queer gaze.

In the tradition of 19th and 20th century French pastoral paintings, the figures in my paintings appear half-clothed in grassy, bacchanal-esque outdoor settings. My references are photos I’ve taken of friends and acquaintances during Pride celebrations in San Francisco, where I lived for ten years, as well as at queer gatherings in Los Angeles, where I now reside. My focus for these paintings begins with the interactions between men taking place alongside yet indifferent to the presence of women. I’m fascinated by how this triangulation of gazes, including my own, displaces the desire canonically imbued in artist-subject relationships. With the historical cross-gender gaze being rooted in objectifying desire, my paintings question what moments of intimacy and insight can be uncovered by looking subjectively at a subculture I am entangled with yet do not directly identify with. Further, my work questions why a queer-on-queer gaze is less socially acceptable when it crosses the boundaries of gender.

Many of the figures in my paintings are depicted with turned backs and obscured faces. In the absence of facial distinction, I seek to highlight how body language and material objects reveal markers of identity, and how this tangled mass of bodies comes to represent a nuanced version of community. I utilize unnatural, brightly colored bodies to emphasize the performativity of the scene while offering figures the individuality that faces would otherwise provide. My perspective is often from the ground looking up. In direct contrast to an artist like Degas towering over his ballerinas, I am interested in insights gleaned from more intimate, relatable vantage points. My paintings celebrate the empowerment of a subculture adjacent to my own, while also interrogating its exclusivity.

© Brea Weinreb

Brea Weinreb's Portfolio

© Brea Weinreb

Artist Biography

Brea Weinreb (she/her, b. 1994, Mineola, New York) is a queer female figurative painter whose paintings depict and decode moments of camaraderie, solidarity, performativity and exclusivity amongst gay men. She holds a Dual B.A. in Art Practice and English from the University of California, Berkeley. Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Monya Rowe Gallery (New York) and Taymour Grahne Projects (London, UK), as well as an upcoming solo exhibition with Ochi Projects (Los Angeles, CA) in Fall of 2023. Brea’s work has been included in group exhibitions across the United States, Europe and Asia, including Anat Ebgi Gallery (Los Angeles), Beers (London, UK), Sow & Tailor with Woaw Gallery (Hong Kong), Steven Zevitas Gallery (Boston), Kristin Hjellegjarde Schloss Goerne (Berlin, Germany), and more. Her work has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times and was featured on the cover of New American Paintings Pacific Coast Issue #157. Her work is included in the Green Family Art Foundation’s public collection in Dallas, TX. Brea currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.



© Brea Weinreb

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