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Aaron Christopher Rees

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Artist Statement

The core of my practice revolves around vision and visuality, both figuratively and embodied. Under the central umbrella of vision and visuality, a subset of concerns emerges within my practice, such as the photographic apparatus, mediation, surveillance and perception. Phenomenology is used as a framework for unpacking these concerns, as I am interested in our direct embodied experience of being in the world, and how visual technologies like cameras shape and alter that.
My practise is positioned in an expanded field of photography which utilises the moving image, as I find video a pertinent way to stir bodily affect within the viewer. My moving image works channel a lineage through the video structuralist movement, adding a contemporary layer of absurdity. Whilst my photographic prints, created in a darkroom, aim to counteract the speed of contemporaneity with something much slower and meditative, reflective of what I perceived to be the psychedelic experience of simply being.

© Aaron Christopher Rees

Aaron Christopher Rees's Portfolio

© Aaron Christopher Rees

Artist Biography

Aaron Christopher Rees’ practice explores the mobilization of vision through the internalization of the camera and the ubiquity of the screen. Generating work through process based photographic and structuralist video techniques of making.

Rees lives and works in Narrm, ‘Melbourne, Australia,’ graduating with honours from the Victorian College of the Arts. He has been the recipient of a number of prizes, amongst them the VCA Emerging Artist prize, The Blair Trethowan TCB Art Inc Award and the Orloff Family Charitable Trust award.

Recent notable exhibitions include: ‘Horizon,’ and ‘not for the sake of something more,’ both of which were a part of the Photo 2021 international festival of photography.



© Aaron Christopher Rees

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