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Stephen Donofrio

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Artist Statement

My work is about the visual language that accompanies the commercial art and design market— looking at stock subject matter, patterns, and images often seen in mass-produced art found in retail stores. My paintings are a selection of these images and patterns that inherently feel familiar, but can not directly be placed. They portray objects and patterns that we have simply grown accustomed to due to the amount of times they have been repeated, and used. The work remains complicit with its low and commercial sources but is simultaneously self-aware of them. Through formal consideration, these paintings embrace this imagery so the work can, in turn, become a critique of the subject it is representing.

© Stephen Donofrio

Stephen Donofrio's Portfolio

Still life with oranges 2018 acrylic on canvas 68x68
Still life with Kimble Vases 2018 acrylic on canvas 36x50
Albers Lemons 2018 acrylic on canvas 26x35
Still life with modern art 2017 acrylic on canvas 64x56
American Pie 2016 acrylic on canvas 71x36
Still life with lemon bowl 2018 acrylic on canvas 26x38
Still life with leaves 2018 acrylic on canvas 44x55
Still life with bust 2018 acrylic on canvas 44x36
Still life with Flag and bust 2018 acrylic on canvas 66x52
Roy Stroke Vase 2018 acrylic on canvas 40x40
Still life with lemon pile 2018 acrylic on canvas 50x44
Fish Vase 2018 acrylic on canvas 40x30
Still life with flowers and whales 2018 acrylic on canvas 48x48
Still life with Skulls and Tigers 2018 acrylic on canvas 48x48
Still life with Cezanne Vase 2018 acrylic on canvas 36x48

© Stephen Donofrio

Artist Biography

Stephen D’Onofrio is a contemporary visual artist focused in painting. Stephen’s work is characterized by an interest in the home decor market, the mass commodification of art, and the generic visual language that accompanies commercial design. Stephen received his MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. He is currently represented by Galleri Urbane in Dallas, Texas and working on two upcoming summer shows. Stephen lives and works in Fishtown, Philadelphia.



© Stephen Donofrio

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