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Scrill Davis

Atlanta, Georgia

Artist Statement

In my work, I enjoy capturing the beauty in everyday people . I strive to be known for the art I create, and not who I create it with.

© Scrill Davis

Scrill Davis's Portfolio

© Scrill Davis

Artist Biography

Specializing in capturing subtle beauty of the people, fine artist and director Scrill Davis fuses fashion, textures, and rich colors to create true pieces of fine art. Working with some of the top brands and personalities in entertainment and culture, Scrill Davis has developed a reputation as one of the most dynamic photographers in the world. Scrill, now known as “The Icon,” has collaborated with huge brands and artists including Spotify, Mitchell & Ness, Atlantic Records, Latto, Cardi B & more!

Continuing to push the narrative and challenging himself professionally Scrill in addition to photography, directs videos, offers creative direction, and even co owns a restaurant in Atlanta called “The Bando”.



© Scrill Davis

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