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Olivia Booth

Los Angeles, CA

Artist Statement

Glass is always present in my work. Paired with drawing and painting, and used in a collage-like manner, it’s there to call framing into question, and how glass itself frames, connects and alienates us from one another. I aim to defamiliarize us from glass’ role as mirror, screen and curtainwall, to disentangle it from notions of technology and “progress” and to re-see it as a stranger among us, ever-present, absorbing and transmitting our search for reflection.

Though my work has often manifest as glass objects, my process is rooted in drawing, a subject that I’ve taught for decades. In the past few years I’ve combined drawing, painting, and glasswork in an even deeper dance with one another. The works I am in the midst of making, have just shown here in Los Angeles (documented in this application) and the work that I hope to continue making with your funds, are about this dance between opacity, gesture, the see-through/not so see-through, and the reflected. The words of Layli Long Soldier in her poem "Vaporative" always come to mind when I think of the visual dance I am after:

"To say, I’m interested in this painting on glass brightly opaque...Say I am writing to penetrate the opaque but I confuse it too often. I negotiate instinct when a word of lightful meaning flips under / buries me in the work of blankets."

© Olivia Booth

Olivia Booth's Portfolio

© Olivia Booth

Artist Biography

Olivia Booth has been making art in Los Angeles since coming here over 20 years ago from New York City where she was born and raised.

Her work most often circles around transparency and she uses glass in particular to get at questions about un-pinnable dimension, tension, fragility, technology, and the hunt for clarity.

This year her work could be seen Irenic Projects, LA, and in recent years at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, Goldfinch Gallery in Chicago, Pilchuck Gallery in Seattle, and Queens Gallery, LA. Over the years her work has been shown at Los Angeles Municipal Arts Gallery, SculptureCenter, The Finley and The Schindler House, and has been written about in Artforum and the LA Times.

A major portion of her life is spent teaching Art, and she feels lucky to be in dialogue with students. She herself was last officially a student at Art Center College of Design, where she received her MFA in 2003, and before that at Cornell University, where she received her BFA and BA with honors.


© Olivia Booth

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