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Natessa Amin


Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania in an Indian-American family. I grew up navigating the complex relationships that were formed through the combination of contrasting cultures and religions. My work is a reflection on this unique American experience and confronts the hybrid nature of identity through the layering of image and processes while addressing our desire to share experience. These ideas are investigated through processes that allude to the notion of creation and destruction as it relates to materiality, the self, and nature.

I activate memories and contemplate autobiographical events and family history through (the process of) making. The paintings I make contain interactions of color, pattern, textures, and symbols inspired by designs used in Indian and African textiles, Indian palaces and garden design, and Pennsylvania Dutch craft, which manifest ideas ranging from postcolonial histories, personal narrative, ornamentation, and the mystical languages of abstract Tantra painting. A range of materials are used throughout the works: pigments and dyes are sprinkled and absorbed into the grounds, granulated glass particles are dragged across the surfaces, drawing lines are made with embroidery thread that hugs the curves of the forms that emerge, silver leaf is applied onto raised areas of paint. My desires to shield and protect, to nourish and feed give life to an embryonic system of works that move between painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Through installation I aim to create worlds of tactile immediacy that dismantle hierarchy for the viewer in the hope of forming new connections from one piece to the next. Through this series of combinations and interchanging visualizations, I search for moments of convergence as I negotiate and reconcile what it means to be hybrid.

© Natessa Amin

Natessa Amin's Portfolio

Natessa Amin, Taste the Wild Air, Acrylic and glass bead on linen, 36
Natessa Amin, Pinwheel, Acrylic and glass beads on linen, 36
Natessa Amin, Murcury Blooms, Acrylic, mica, dye on linen, 36
Natessa Amin, In the Water is a Wild Happiness, Acrylic, mica, glass beads on canvas, 67
Natessa Amin, I Plunge my Hands into the Sun, Acrylic on canvas, 20
Natessa Amin, Falling like Drops of Water, Acrylic and glass bead on canvas, 20
Natessa Amin, Cosmic Stretching, 36
Natessa Amin, In the Water is a Wild Happiness, Installation view from a solo exhibition titled
Natessa Amin, Smoke that Thunders, 20
Natessa Amin, A Web that Warns, Acrylic, dye, and glass bead on canvas, 20

© Natessa Amin

Artist Biography

Natessa Amin (b. Easton, PA, 1987) is a visual artist based in Philadelphia. Amin earned her BFA in Painting from Boston University (2010) and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania (2015). She is the co-director of FJORD Gallery in Philadelphia and a full-time faculty member at Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA. Amin’s solo and two-person exhibitions include Hyphen at CUE Art Foundation (2019), Dancing on the Water Tank at the Philip & Muriel Berman Museum of Art (2017), Past is a Place at the HUB Gallery at Moravian College (2016), We Can’t Say What We’ve Seen at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles (2018), and Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror at Ortega Y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn (2019). She has shown work in group exhibitions at Hangar H18 Gallery, Brussels, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, Distillery Gallery, Boston, Benaco Arte, Sirmione, Italy and at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Woodmere Art Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Pilot Projects, and CFEVA in Philadelphia. Amin has been awarded residencies at the Fabric Workshop and Museum (2016), Wassaic Project (2017), Lacawac Sanctuary & Biological Field Station (2018), and the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts (2019).



© Natessa Amin

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