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Kees Holterman

Philadelphia, PA

Artist Statement

I use storytelling to dismantle memories, relationships, and environments to bridge the gap between past and potential self. I began creating this body of work after being diagnosed with congenital heart disease in early 2022. This diagnosis allowed me the space to move away from my printmaking practice and utilize painting and drawing to define impactful personal stories. Through repetitive imagery, skewed perspective and nonsensical light sources, I provide myself with the opportunity to investigate and gain control of specific narratives.

Each piece begins as if I am making a print, laying down graphic shapes, flat and bold colors, and characters transferred from sheets of vellum with graphite paper. As the work develops, I let go of some of the print-based foundations, and honor my influences of the Social Realist and American Folk art movements to further explore an image.

In being observed, these stories and moments I’m defining become something more tangible. I am offering vignettes of vulnerability, healing, and treatment; I’m confronting fear and uncertainty.

© Kees Holterman

Kees Holterman's Portfolio

© Kees Holterman

Artist Biography

Kees Holterman (b.1994) is an artist, illustrator, and printmaker working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His work spans fine art and commercial contexts, using drawing, printmaking, painting, and animation as guiding forces to create illustrative works of art that tell beautiful stories.

He is a former member of the ground-breaking artist collective Space 1026 & current member of the print cooperative Awesome Dudes Printing in Philadelphia. Kees' work has been featured as murals, illustrations, album covers, posters, and t-shirts for The New Yorker, Miller High Life, Vans, and Warner Music Group . His work has been displayed at galleries such as: ArtSpace at Untitled, The Fairmount House Gallery, Space 1026, Stella Elkins Gallery, and the Southern Graphics Conference. He is the recipient of the CARAS Research Grant, The Print Center Award and a graduate of Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Printmaking.



© Kees Holterman

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