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Julia Blume

New York, New York

Artist Statement

Julia Blume breaks down the false dichotomy of “humans” and “nature” in her work, and she considers the political implications of this artificial separation. Symbolic shape making and interactions with space are used as a way to enter into communication with the various entities of the land. Organic and highly processed materials collaborate to form ambiguous collectives. Sculptures reference fungus, insects, and deep sea creatures, but are painted in luminously artificial shades. Her recent sculptures reckon with the process of distilling the natural world into human narrative. This distillation is a process of entanglement and love, but it can also be a violent mechanism. Plants turn from collaborators into symbols, animals turn from creatures with desires and minds into fables. She offers modes of engaging with wild places both large and small, while asking what human story-making will bring about in the wilds of the world.

© Julia Blume

Julia Blume's Portfolio

© Julia Blume

Artist Biography

Julia Blume is a New York based artist working in several media, including painting, sculpture, performance, and installation. She received her MFA from SFAI in 2018, after earning her BA and MA in linguistics from Columbia University and UC San Diego, respectively. Her work has been shown at Brian Leo Projects, Youngspace, I Like Your Work, RSOAA, Trestle Gallery, Field Projects, Paradice Palase, Established Gallery, and other galleries in New York, San Francisco, and Tucson. She has also created site-specific installations and performances in a range of environments, including Peru, Iceland, New York City, and Arizona. She participated in residencies with Signal Fire in 2017 and in 2019 and will be a resident at ChaNorth and ArtsIceland in 2021.



© Julia Blume

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