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Isabel Yellin

Los Angeles, California

Artist Statement

Dysmorphic and abysmic, stitched in crushed velvet and imitation leather, Yellin’s forms conjure a language from another time or place, a tongue that folds the body and desire. Many hang from the walls or are cast in dyed cement and lie on the floor, where they vacillate between the mutated and the vestigial - the xenolithic and the abject. Works are adorned with taupe scrunchies, or bands of stone-washed denim, seemingly superfluous, yet subtly grounding the forms in the artist’s time of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Acting as surrogates for thought, each one a subconscious strain of emotion and fantasy, the works augur a new flesh. Staking out new representative territory for desire and the other, these perverse figures are present in their alterity.

© Isabel Yellin

Isabel Yellin's Portfolio

© Isabel Yellin

Artist Biography

MA - Painting - Royal College of Art, London, UK
B.A. (Honors) - Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH

Show Me as I Want to Be Seen, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA
Ornis Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Magic Hr No. 2, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA
Velvet Concrete, M. LeBlanc Gallery, Chicago, IL (Solo)
All Hands On Deck, Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College, Los Angeles, CA
Art Toronto, Night Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Rachel LaBine, Lucy Kim, Isabel Yellin - Lyles & King, New York, NY EXPO Chicago w/ Night Gallery
It’ll Come, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
Tabula Rasa, Cabinet/Studiolo, Milan, Italy (solo)
Peeling, Lock Up International, Istanbul, Turkey
You Gotta Be Bad You Gotta Be Good, Rear Window, NYC (solo) Pillow Talk, Skibum MacArthur, Los Angeles, CA (Solo)
Someplace Else Right Now, Frank Zappa's UMRK, Los Angeles, CA Ghetto Anglaise, Observer, Hastings, UK
Do a Double Take + All Will Be Clear - Vigo Gallery, London (solo) Summertime* - Galerist, Istanbul, Turkey
VOLUMES - Berthold Pott at Kunstverein Kölnberg, Germany
Untitled Art Fair, Miami, FL
IDEA Miami 2014 - Kowall + Odermatt Projects, Miami, FL Group Show - Galleria Nicodim, Bucharest, Romania
Brand New Second Hand - Vigo Gallery, London
Undulate - Vigo Gallery, London (solo)
Featured Artist - Bahia Vik - Vik Retreats, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay Royal College of Art Degree Show - London, UK
Attraction is a Basic Instinct, Fisher Gallery, Oberlin, OH

Awards, Grants, and Residencies
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Artforum | All Hands On Deck
Artforum | Isabel Yellin at Skibum MacArthur | http://artforum.com/picks/id=59985 LAWeekly | Dress Form, Punching Bag or Both? A Haunting Show in Westlake
Artsy | Isabel Yellin Turns to Leatherette, Latex, and Corset Boning in Vigorous New Work | https://www.artsy.net/ article/artsy-editorial-isabel-yellin-turns-to-leatherette-latex-and-corset
Artuner | Isabel Yellin - www.artuner.com/insight/interview-isabel-yellin/
FiskFrisk Magazine | “Managing the Conflight: Vincenzo Della Corte in Conversation with Isabel Yellin” The Art Newspaper | “In The Frame” - The Art Newspaper Number 265, February 2015



© Isabel Yellin

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