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Heather Drayzen

Brooklyn, New York

Artist Statement

I was raised with a keen awareness of the beauty and fragility of life. In 2019, I experienced a health scare--this, combined with the pandemic in 2020, cultivated an urgency to document my life, memories, and relationships. My paintings draw upon my lived experiences, interior world, and emotions with a tender and intimate touch. I primarily paint small-scale domestic scenes in oil on canvas often featuring myself and those I cherish in quiet moments. Experiences like sharing a cup of morning coffee, grabbing a bite from the fridge, or taking a nap with the pups take place in an atmosphere of iridescent golden light, highlighting the passage of time while nodding to art historical influences including Bonnard, Vuillard, Morisot, and Munch. Jewel-like fields of day-glo color contrast with subtle neutral tones tapping into a full on sensory experience. My work sits between figuration and abstraction, and I render descriptive elements with varying levels of information to summon a psychological energy. Each painting is a vignette within the larger narrative of my life, and when viewed together they reveal the feeling of a life lived along with a genuine emotional history.

© Heather Drayzen

Heather Drayzen's Portfolio

© Heather Drayzen

Artist Biography

Heather Drayzen is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Drayzen holds a BFA from School of Visual Arts and a MAT from Rhode Island School of Design. She is continuing her education through the New York City Crit Club.

Drayzen’s paintings have been included in various exhibitions in the United States. Recent group exhibitions include: My Pet Ram (NYC), Colnaghi (NYC), The Yard (Brooklyn), Prince Street Gallery (NYC), I Like Your Work at Piano Craft Gallery (Boston, MA) and Manifold Global at Moravian University’s Payne Gallery (Bethlehem, PA) along with an upcoming two-person exhibition with My Pet Ram in 2023 (NYC). Drayzen’s paintings are featured in Art Maze Magazine Issue 26 and the I Like Your Work Podcast 2022 Spring, Summer, and Fall Exhibition Catalogs.



© Heather Drayzen

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