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Flannery Silva

Tiverton, Rhode Island

Artist Statement

Flannery Silva’s work flirts with crossed sentiments of desirability and control, the benign, erotic, and abject, reflecting an adoration of material and a rehearsed language of symbols. Silva takes already-extant cultural works and adapts these pieces of media into “cover” versions through mediums such as sculpture, digital-print collage, and sound composition. Silva’s work is often presented as an installation - with specific sound, lighting, and mechanical elements accompanying the sculptural and wall works. Through anthropomorphizing everyday apparatuses, and creating completely custom figurines, Silva explores themes of the female’s role in fairytales and pop culture, the brutality and beauty of nature, a young woman’s spirituality and desire, and the death of childhood.

© Flannery Silva

Flannery Silva's Portfolio

© Flannery Silva

Artist Biography

Flannery Silva grew up in the deep woods of Stone Ridge, New York. Silva graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in printmaking. After graduation, Silva resided in Baltimore, Maryland, playing in her former band Odwalla1221 and exhibiting her artwork. In 2015, Silva moved to Los Angeles, where she lived for five years as an artist and nanny. Currently, Silva lives by the ocean in Tiverton, Rhode Island where she is developing a one-woman musical with original songs and a set of correlating sculptures and photographs. Silva has showcased her artwork nationally and internationally, and has had features in Art in America, Art Forum, and Dazed Magazine.



© Flannery Silva

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