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Daniel Ribar

Detroit, Michigan

Artist Statement

Personal project focusing on Zug Island - a heavily industrialized island within the city of River Rouge at the southern city limits of Detroit. Located where the mouth of the River Rouge spills into the Detroit River.

Zug Island is the most polluted square mile in the state of Michigan.

The neighboring city River Rouge unfortunately, has very little control of the island. Many of its residents have developed asthma and have found Benzene in their basements - a chemical that deteriorates the immune system and leads to cancer.

I want to continue to document the island and neighboring towns. I aim to make portraits and speak more with the individuals living in the town. Showing the faces of the ones truly affected. With the hope of raising awareness of the dangers the island poses.

© Daniel Ribar

Daniel Ribar's Portfolio

© Daniel Ribar

Artist Biography

Daniel Ribar is a freelance photographer living and working in Detroit Michigan. He’s interested in building narratives through the use of image sequencing. Focusing on editorial/journalistic work around stories he’s passionate about.



© Daniel Ribar

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