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Cody Tumblin

Chicago, Illinois

Artist Statement

I primarily describe myself as a painter to most acquaintances, but I feel my work is more heavily rooted in material investigation. Sifting through piles of cloth, loose threads, remnants of failed paintings, dyed color studies, snippets of photographs, scraps of splatters and drips cut out from old works– I constantly recycle the remnants of my process so that I may reanimate small portions of my soul and further dive into the mystery of making. Bleaching and re-dyeing old paintings or photographs is a kind of washing and baptizing of memory. Only fragments remain as one work carries into the next, and these shadows act as guides to create new forms and rhythms. Stains and drips are cut out of older works and reattached as glorified jewels of adornment to heavenly bodies of magenta and azure. I sometimes imagine these leftover fragments are painful scabs I’m peeling off and reattaching to new bodies, testaments to the wounds that created them, but also reminders of growth and healing. In my studio, a constant cycle of making and unmaking allows me to slowly unravel moments of my restless psyche.

© Cody Tumblin

Cody Tumblin's Portfolio

Cody Tumblin, Bringer of Light, 2018, dye and acrylic on bleached muslin, thread, 50x64”
Cody Tumblin, Warm in the Veins, 2018, dyed cotton, photograph on cotton, acrylic, and thread, 32x40”
Cody Tumblin, Bother You Up and Down, 2017-2018, dyed cotton, bleach, dye, acrylic, photograph of the sky on cotton, and thread, 24x30”
Cody Tumblin, Ups and downs and all over the Moon and Sky, 2018, dyed cotton, bleach, dye, acrylic, and thread on cotton, 32x40”
Cody Tumblin, Ok Now We’re Dreaming, 2017-2018, dyed cotton, bleach, photograph of the sun on cotton, acrylic, dye, thread, 50x64”
Cody Tumblin, Standin on a Hill in the Silver Light, 2018, acrylic and dye on cotton and canvas, thread, 15x20”
Cody Tumblin, Parade, 2017-2018, dye and acrylic and ink on dyed, bleached cotton, thread, 36x50”
Cody Tumblin, Long Dawn Shadows, 2018, dyed cotton, watercolor, acrylic, photograph of the moon on cotton, and thread, 12x15”
Cody Tumblin, Dreamer (Alborada), 2016-2018, dye and acrylic on cotton, photograph of the sky on cotton, bleach, thread, 50x64”
Cody Tumblin, A Silly Place Where Dreamers Wilt, 2018, dye and acrylic on canvas and cotton, thread, 32x40”

© Cody Tumblin

Artist Biography

Cody Tumblin (b. Nashville, TN) currently lives and works in Chicago, IL where he received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. Recent solo/ two person shows include It Blooms Tomorrow at Good Enough in Atlanta GA, Today’s Special at Mild Climate in Nashville TN, Shits and Giggles with Keith Allyn Spencer at Skylab Gallery in Columbus OH, and The Outlet Gallery curated by Katy Cowan in Milwaukee WI. Other solo/ two person projects include SPF15, LVL3, and Devening Projects. Selected recent group shows include Winter Romance at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago IL, Water and Dreams curated by Katy Cowan at Chicken Coop Contemporary in Portland OR, Mother Popcorn curated by Peter Shear and Kevin McNamee Tweed at Big Medium in Austin TX, and PRTY PPL curated by Josh Reames at Circuit 12 in Dallas TX. This winter, Tumblin is expected to release a community collaborative recipe book as well as a solo show titled “Stray Light Shadow Between” at Devening Projects.



© Cody Tumblin

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