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Aurora Andrews

Brooklyn, NY

Artist Statement

Suddenly I was spending most of my time sitting and lying down, nursing, looking at the baby. I worried a lot about the future, trying to think how to be ready for it. At the same time, I knew that this experience would be over very quickly and it was important to be present in it as much as possible. I made drawings to focus my attention in the moment, to record it, and also to distract and entertain myself.

I thought about all the other mothers out there now and in the past, how they might have felt. I read about the history of the breast pump. I watched videos of chimpanzees nursing in trees. I looked at paintings of the Virgin Mary. I read a few firsthand accounts of motherhood, and I made these paintings from my drawings.

© Aurora Andrews

Aurora Andrews's Portfolio

© Aurora Andrews

Artist Biography

Aurora Andrews is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York.



© Aurora Andrews

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