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Letitia Huckaby

Benbrook, Texas

Artist Statement

40 Acres…Gumbo Ya Ya, is a poetic examination of a promise made by Union General William Sherman for agrarian reform to enslaved African American farmers. Gumbo Ya Ya means, “everybody talks at once.” Referencing broken agreements (just words) and the continual discussion (everybody talking at once) about the Blues originating past. Images taken in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas depict a rural southern landscape, the reality and longings of a neglected culture steeped in disappointment. Framed in vintage embroidery hoops, the landscape embodies the hopes and dreams of one generation to the next.

Artist Biography

Since obtaining her Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 2010, Letitia Huckaby has been blessed to exhibit as an emerging artist at the Dallas Contemporary, the Galveston Arts Center, Renaissance Fine Art in Harlem curated by Deborah Willis, PhD, the McKenna Museum in New Orleans, the Camden Palace Hotel in Cork City, Ireland, the Texas Biennial at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria. The work is included in several prestigious collections; the Library of Congress, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Brandywine Workshop in Philadelphia, and the Samella Lewis Contemporary Art Collection at Scripps College in Claremont, California. Ms. Huckaby ais represented by the Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas and the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna, Austria.



© Letitia Huckaby

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