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Jackie Brown

Brunswick, Maine

Artist Statement

My work stems from an interest in nature, science, and living systems and I believe wholeheartedly in art’s capacity to enrich the way we see, experience, and understand the world around us. My primary focus is sculpture installation and I work to invite viewers into imagined biological systems where it can often be hard to tell if the forms are healthy or harmful growths. Each work evolves through a series of installations that shift and grow with each exhibition and through an ongoing evolution of the forms I aim to suggest limitless potential for growth, movement, and transformation. I am particularly fascinated by recent advances in bioengineering and experiments that involve combining or altering the basic components of nature and, on some level, I see myself taking on this role through the creative process – cutting and pasting with the parts and splicing my own imaginative systems together to explore the countless ways that raw material can continuously be restructured and adapted.

Artist Biography

Jackie Brown is a sculpture installation artist and an Assistant Professor of Art at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions across the United States including exhibitions at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, the Ann Arbor Art Center, and The Delaware Contemporary. Brown has also been an artist-in-residence at the European Ceramic Workcentre, the Archie Bray Foundation, and Emmanuel College, as well as, a participant in the Artist Studios Program at the Museum of Arts and Design. Brown received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and her BA from Hamilton College.



© Jackie Brown

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