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Anthony Warnick

Cleveland, Ohio

Artist Statement

The aim of my practice is to make the viewer aware of the systems they operate within providing them with metaphors to re-configure their place within these structures. The works critique and dovetail with our every day. While the economic, political, and educational systems feel immutable. I map these relations in language and materials. The objects are constructed from charged materials. I augment these corporeal elements with intangible ones like bureaucratic procedures and archival records through performative interventions. Exemplifying this is 'What To The Prisoner Is The Fourth Of July?' The work asked those who draw close enough this charged questions through the material symbol of our freedom. This material is the red stripes extracted from flags manufactured by those incarcerated in the state of Ohio.

© Anthony Warnick

Anthony Warnick's Portfolio

Anthony Warnick, 24 Hour News Machine 2018 Custom Software An except from a machine that distorts a live stream of CNN into a single channel video installation
Anthony Warnick, The Transmutation Of Flesh To Gold 2018 Dimensions Variable Prison products A stack of $100 dollar bills equal to the $162,510,000, the profits for Correction Corporation of America for 2017
Anthony Warnick, And Counting 2018 00:03:55 HD video, acrylic Edition 1 of 3, 2 Artist Proofs
Anthony Warnick, Portrait of the Directors of The GEO Group, Inc. (After Francis Galton) 2017 Archival pigment print 18
Anthony Warnick, The Pen 2018 Neon 12
Anthony Warnick, Infinite Sleep 2018 Prisoner Produced Pillows Dementions Variable A pillar created from 32 textured vinyl covered pillows produced by and for those incarcerated.
Anthony Warnick, withinthiszonestatesofexceptionloseallpower 2017 Powdered graphite 96
Anthony Warnick, What To The Prisoner Is The Fourth Of July? 2017 Disassembled prisoner produced American flags 6’ x 8’ The text embroidered into a tapestry produced from the red stripes of disassembled American flags. These flags were produced by prison labor in the state of Ohio.
Anthony Warnick, You May Choose 2017 Prisoner produced off-set prints This series of limitless take-away off-set prints was produced by those incarcerated at the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio.
Anthony Warnick, One Hundred And Fifty More 2017 Digital Projection (Black and White, Silent), Custom Software The film, The Defiant Ones (1968) slowed down so that it will take 150 years to play through. This is packaged as a custom application that plays only where we are in the film.

© Anthony Warnick

Artist Biography

Anthony Warnick earned his BFA in Web and Multimedia Environments from Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2011) and his MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2015). He has been in residence at FutureFarmers (San Francisco) and SOMA (Mexico City, Mexico) among others, and has exhibited at Katherine E. Nash Gallery (Minneapolis, MN), The Soap Factory (Minneapolis, MN), SPACES (Cleveland, OH), and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.



© Anthony Warnick

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