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Alexis Granwell


Artist Statement

In my recent work, I depict time’s movement as ruination, artifact, or geological process. I examine the psychological and bodily characteristics of our built and natural environments, exploring relationships within collections of forms.

My sculptures map the distinction between the organic and the inorganic and the different processes they undergo. Rejecting the notion of ruin as nostalgia, I reference architecture and natural forms to diagram incompleteness or fractured time. This suggests the unearthing of the past and the imperfect state of memory but also openness to the future.

My structures are made from raw materials such as concrete, steel, and wood, which are juxtaposed with forms made from handmade paper painted with pigmented pulp. The pulp paint is extremely responsive, shifting with the water and fibers below, embedding itself in the paper. While still wet, the skin-like paper is laminate sheet-cast around an armature, shrinking to the skeletal structure I have built. Once the paper dries and becomes a volumetric form, a transformation happens. Painterly marks, drips, and stains become artifacts of the process as the texture moves from wet to dry and the surface moves from substrate to object.
The tactility of paper creates a dynamic energy in contrast to the inert quality of the industrial materials, which act as both support and remnant. Together, these materials create fragile structures that are seen as events, still-occurring.

© Alexis Granwell

Alexis Granwell's Portfolio

Alexis Granwell, Hallow Handmade paper, paper mache, wood 59” x 24” x 12” 2019
Alexis Granwell, Manifold Handmade paper, paper mache, wood 73
Alexis Granwell, Holding Breath Handmade paper, linen pulp painting 15
Alexis Granwell, Cambrian Handmade paper, paper mache, wood, cement 21
Alexis Granwell, Deluge Handmade paper, paper mache, wood, cement 49
Alexis Granwell, Ballast Handmade paper, paper mache, wood, cement, bricks, steel 27
Alexis Granwell, Vessil Fossil Handmade paper, paper mache, plaster, wire 19
Alexis Granwell, Holes Unearthed Handmade paper, paper mache, wood, cement, steel 44
Alexis Granwell, Sum of Parts II 26
Alexis Granwell, Turn to Earth Handmade paper, paper mache, wood, cement 80

© Alexis Granwell

Artist Biography

Alexis Granwell (New York, b. 1981) lives and works in Philadelphia. She received an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania in 2007. She has been exhibiting in the US and abroad for the last 15 years. Granwell is a Professor of Art and currently teaches at The University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She is a member and one of the founders of Tiger Strikes Asteroid.

She has exhibited many solo exhibitions across the country, including at Fleisher/ Ollman Gallery (mini solo show), Philadelphia, PA; Bryan Miller Gallery, Houston, TX; Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA; Towson University, Baltimore, MD; Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, PA; Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT; and Europos Parkas Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania. Other group exhibitions include Field Projects, New NY; Ortega y Gasset, New York, NY; SSD, New York, NY; Elephant, Los Angeles, CA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Momenta Art, New York, NY; Trestle Art Gallery, New York, NY; IPCNY, NY; Artist-Run, Miami, FL, Guest Spot at THE REINSTITUTE, Baltimore, MD; Mono Projects, Baltimore, MD; Hemphill Gallery, Washington DC; University of Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, VA; Fjord Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA; and CTRL Gallery, Houston, TX.

Granwell is a recipient of The Independence Foundation Fine Arts Fellowship Grant for 2015. Through this grant, she attended a residency at Dieu Donne in New York, NY. She has also been awarded residencies at the I-Park Foundation, East Hadaam, CT; AS220, Providence, RI; Ragdale Artist Residency, Lake Forest, IL; and Jentel Artist Residency, Banner, WY. 

Her work has been reviewed in Hyperallergic, Sculpture Magazine, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, Two Coats of Paint, The American Scholar Magazine, Title Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Art F City.



© Alexis Granwell

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