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Abi Salami

Dallas, Texas

Artist Statement

As a proud black woman, born in Nigeria, by default my work is a celebration of the black female form in its most holistically honest state. A necessity because we suffer significantly with poor mental health and African borne taboo shuns us. Therefore, my work is normalizing our extra need for engaging in self-care: normalizing black women taking a day off and enjoying themselves; normalizing black women wearing luxury items because it makes them feel good; normalizing black women’s natural hair or whatever different hairstyles they choose, and having people realize that depicting that on a canvas can be considered fine art. It does not have to be just an art niche ‘black art.’ My art is black because I am black. Not black because that is what I am choosing to create.

© Abi Salami

Abi Salami 's Portfolio

© Abi Salami

Artist Biography

Abi Salami is a self-taught artist who explores the uncanny in the everyday. She allows her subconscious and life experiences to inform her paintings. Salami feels compelled to create and capture moments in time and life to express her thoughts and feelings. Salami's work uses a personal lexicon made up of special symbols to explore memory, mental health, and race. Destigmatizing mental illness in African communities is a huge passion for Salami. Lagos, Nigeria born, Salami is based in Dallas, Texas. At the University of Texas in Austin, Salami got her MPA in Accounting and went on to a decade-long career in real estate before realizing her passion for art as a full-time career. Since then, Salami has exhibited in Dallas and across the United States, including at The Women's Museum, the African American Museum of Art in Dallas, and Viridian Artists Inc in New York City. One of her many accolades is the Saatchi Art 2020 Rising Stars under 35 Class mention. Salami's features include FOX16 Morning News, Artsy, D Magazine, Authority Magazine and Sheen Magazine.



© Abi Salami

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